The Power Of Platforms

The Woodcarver’s Model has now moved into a new stage of marketing. This blog post is about platforms, and I’m not talking about stages that people stand on or those shoes that make one walk a little taller. Prior to writing this book, I had dabbled in the world of social media. I had aContinue reading “The Power Of Platforms”

Peter E. Fenton Reaps Rewards From Reviews

Last week I wrote about how technology has changed the way a novel is put together. This week, I want to write about how a book gets marketed. The first thing to note is that the road to sales isn’t necessarily through selling books to friends and family (although everyone interested in the book, isContinue reading “Peter E. Fenton Reaps Rewards From Reviews”

The Woodcarver’s Model Has Already Travelled The World

I used to imagine that the life of a novel started with a writer holed up on their own, sitting at a typewriter plucking at the keys with two clean pieces of white paper and a carbon page tucked neatly in between. Over time, the pages would pile up in a tray and eventually amountContinue reading “The Woodcarver’s Model Has Already Travelled The World”

An Interview With The Author of The Woodcarver’s Model

I find it hard to talk about myself, so I decided it would be easier to have my partner Scott White (who is also a writer) interview me. What is printed below is the result of that interview. **** SW: So The Woodcarver’s Model is your first novel, but prior to that, you had writtenContinue reading “An Interview With The Author of The Woodcarver’s Model”

The Woodcarver’s Model Is Revealed

First of all, a heartfelt thanks to all of those who have subscribed to the blog. As a reward for joining, I’d like to give you an early Valentine’s Day gift. This blog is the very first public release of the cover of the book, and the image is only available today to subscribers. OthersContinue reading “The Woodcarver’s Model Is Revealed”

The Woodcarver’s Model Welcomes You

Thank you to all who have recently subscribed to the Peter E. Fenton – Gay Romance Writer site. This blog will send you updates when the full cover for the book is revealed (in a few weeks) as well as excerpts, early reviews, the chance to get a free copy and so much more. SoContinue reading “The Woodcarver’s Model Welcomes You”

Putting The Woodcarver’s Model To Bed

I knew the time would come eventually, but I wasn’t sure I was ready. I’ve been with him for a long time now. What started out as a passing fancy, turned into spending time with him every week, and then every day, and then I found myself getting up in the middle of the nightContinue reading “Putting The Woodcarver’s Model To Bed”

The Excitement Is Building

The Woodcarver’s Model will be released on April 19th and the publisher (Pride Publishing) wants to create some intrigue around the book by slowly revealing information in small amounts leading up to the general release. This site will post excerpts from the book, a partial reveal of the cover, a full reveal of the coverContinue reading “The Excitement Is Building”