by Peter E. Fenton

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This is damn good.

Heather Duff, Not Guilty of Books ( Review)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

There’s love, romance, heartbreak and grief…with some suspense and a “cad” as well. Great book. Thoroughly recommend it!!

Miki J (MM Romance Review)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is a fabulous debut novel!! It is a romance but so much more! Along with the usual trappings of a good romance, this emotional read has suspense, intrigue and some great laughs. 

Melissa (Goodreads Review)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This was a real treat to read and if you like good M/M romance with low steam but lots of passion, try this book.

Lind Reads, ( Verified Review)

Travel writer Rob Hanson has been from the summit of Mount Everest to the markets of Mogadishu. He loves adventure, he loves his job, and he loves the freedom of being single. At least that’s what he tells himself.

Everything changes when an assignment takes him to a small, idyllic west-coast island where he falls in love with the local woodcarver. From the first moment he sets eyes on Mitch, he feels like he’s found his perfect match. But things are never that simple for Rob.

Before long he finds himself involved with devious deals, jealous ex-lovers, and secrets from the past that refuse to go away. Rob knows that the only way to get what he needs is to reveal the truth. But does he have the courage to do what must be done in time to save himself and the man he loves?

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Deep in The Deep Dark Forest, hidden beyond The Stream of Sorrows and Sinking Spirits lies The Giant’s Garden – a place forbidden to outsiders. But when Giant goes away the children sneak in to play, and for seven years their idyllic world has been undisturbed … until today. Today Giant is coming home. Today, a young boy’s courage is going to be tested. And today a battle will take place which could lead to a world devoid of warmth. The Giant’s Garden is a tale of bravery, the importance of friendship, and the power of love, featuring a cast of 15 colourful characters, a score filled with memorable songs and a story that will warm the hearts of children and adults alike.

A full-length family musical inspired by Oscar Wilde’s classic tale, The Selfish Giant.

George and Carol Walcott, a young song-writing couple from Madison Wisconsin have one dream: to leave the penny ante jingle-writing business of the 1940s far behind and become successful writers for the Broadway stage. Fate comes calling when noted producers Arthur Green and Iris Langdon hear the Walcott’s only hit song “Tipsy In Poughkeepsie” on the radio, and hire them to “fix” the music of their Broadway-bound musical “Bonita Goes Bananas”. But George and Carol discover that getting a show to Broadway isn’t all that easy, as they learn about the fickle nature of creativity and the courage it takes to achieve one’s dreams. Along the way they are helped by a stow-away child, the world’s oldest tap dancing bellhop, a chambermaid with a special gift, and a run-away skunk. But will they finish the show before Cole Porter gets back and discovers that they are squatting in his New York suite?

Bemused is a full-length screwball comedy about what it costs to achieve one’s dreams.