The Woodcarver’s Model Goes To His First Party

In my posts, I’ve been focusing on the journey of a book from the writing process, through to the marketing leading up to the novel’s release.

This week, I want to talk about one of the coolest ways that authors let other people know about their books.

One author coordinates a party attended by other authors who have followers who all join together in a virtual chat room. Think of it as a fan convention done online.

So what does this type of party involve?

Basically, on a particular date between set hours, the host of the party opens up a Facebook group page, and attendees can drop in and interact through a live chat box on the screen. They can ask questions of the authors if they wish. They can also participate in contests to win prizes. Participation is through typing. You aren’t on video so you can come to this party dressed however you like. And the best part is you can attend, and never leave the comfort of your own home.

Each 30 to 60 minute slot of time is moderated by a different author who provides content (book covers, information about their books, information on the author) and creates fun ways to engage with those that attend.

Guests can drop in or stay as long as they like, and it’s free.

In essence the idea is to bring the fans of different authors all together in one virtual room. It’s also a fascinating look at the world of romance writers from all over the world.

Mimi B. Rose has asked The Woodcarver’s Model (along with his writer, Peter E. Fenton) to come to her party on April 1st. The party will run from 4-10 PM EDT (Toronto time) and Peter E. Fenton will be moderating the party from 5:30 to 6:00 PM EDT.

There will be more information as to how to join at the end of this blog, but first a little information on four of the authors who will be in attendance represented by my publisher through the Totally Entwined Group.

Mimi B. Rose’s book Heart’s Ease launches March 29th

The host author Mimi B. Rose will open the party room at 4 PM EDT. Her latest book is Heart’s Ease. It would fall into the category of a contemporary paranormal erotic romance featuring wereshifters (people that…you know…have a thing for full moons). For more information on the book and Mimi, click here.

Raven McAllan and Cassie O’Brien’s new book launches April 12th

From 4:30 -5:00 PM EDT, Cassie O’Brien will be introducing her work which includes the upcoming novel The Baron’s Saving Grace. This is part of a series of Celtic romances. For more information on the book click here.

Kristian Parker’s books include historical gay romance.

From 5 to 5:30 EDT, Kristian Parker will be hosting and sharing a bit about his recent releases and upcoming books. Kristian’s writing ranges from historical romance to his upcoming novel The Rule Of Three that explores what happens when a gay couple’s relationship is tested after a handsome stranger arrives to town. This is part of the Village Affairs series. For more info on the author and his books, click here.

The Woodcarver’s Model launches April 19th

From 5:30-6 EDT I will be moderating. Do you have a burning question you want to ask me? Do you want a chance to win a free advance copy of the The Woodcarver’s Model (in e-reader form…the paperbacks will be available for shipping shortly after April 19th). Come join the party. For more info on the book click here.

And of course, this is less about having you come to the party, and more to share with you some of the ways that romance books are marketed. It’s a fascinating world.

If you’re interested in attending, feel free to leave a comment. Invitations are through Facebook, so I will invite you via Mimi’s page through your Facebook address. I will also be sharing that invitation to members of my Peter E. Fenton Gay Romance Facebook page.

In the meantime, thanks for reading. In upcoming posts, I will be talking about blitzes, blog tours and how grateful I am to the publisher for working so hard on my behalf.

Until next time.

Peter E. Fenton

Published by peterefenton

Peter Fenton is a playwright and author living in Toronto, Canada.

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