The Woodcarver’s Model Goes On Tour

The Woodcarver’s Model will be released one week from today and next week, the book will be going on tour.

In the past, a book tour meant that I would pack a suitcase, gather several boxes of my book and travel far and wide attending readings and signing books at bookstores and libraries and any other venue that would provide a chance for the audience to meet with me.

That may still happen down the road, but in the early stages of marketing a book, The Woodcarver’s Model will be touring on his own. And the book won’t be doing just any tour, the book will be on a blog tour.

So what the heck is a blog tour? In essence the publicists for the book arrange for several blogs that have fans interested in romance books to get advance access to the novel for their reviewers. During the blog tour, the various blogs and newsletters run feature articles on the book. This may include cover images, the description found on the cover, exclusive excerpts, interview questions with the author, and even early reviews from reviewers selected by the blog.

In general, all of this takes place around the time the book launches. In the case of The Woodcarver’s Model, there will be a blitz of as many as twenty different blogs that will publish either a full article or a segment about the novel.

These blogs digitally reach out to thousands of readers all at once, while the author only has to be in one place…at home.

The goal of a blog tour is to connect the author to readers who have an interest in their book. Does it always lead to more sales? Possibly. But the much more important element is that it allows for the book to be talked about and discussed by a wide range of readers. And if readers like the book and review it, then those reviews can make the book more attractive to retailers who may carry the book, which in time may lead to more sales.

So over the next few weeks, I may be sticking close to my computer at home, but The Woodcarver’s Model is going to travel far and wide. And on the 19th of April when the book comes out, e-reader copies will land in the inboxes of those who have preordered their copy, and for those who ordered the paperback…the book will ship on the 19th…travelling directly to you.

Here’s a wish that The Woodcarver’s Model creates many fond memories on his blog tour next week, and in the meantime, here’s a note of thanks to all of you for following along on this journey.

To celebrate the launch of The Woodcarver’s Model, there are TWO exciting giveaways.

If you haven’t already entered, you can go to Goodreads and enter to win one of three autographed copies of The Woodcarvers Model by clicking here.

And if you’ve already ordered your copy or have already entered the Goodreads draw there’s one more chance to win. In celebration of the launch of the book, the publisher is holding a draw for a $50 gift certificate for First For Romance, which will allow you to buy any book you wish from their wide range of romance novels. The draw is coordinated by Rafflecopter Giveaways and you can enter by clicking here.

The Woodcarver’s Model will be released by Pride Publishing on April 19th

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Peter Fenton is a playwright and author living in Toronto, Canada.

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