Peter E. Fenton May News

*** My newest novel Mann Hunt is scheduled for release on August 29th and I couldn’t be more excited. This is the first novel in the three part Declan Hunt Mysteries series and I think you are going to love it. Just like The Woodcarver’s Model, this book is set in Canada. The cover artContinue reading “Peter E. Fenton May News”

A New Year, A New Play, A Few New Novels

The month of January is nearly past, and it seemed an appropriate time to update you on the latest news connected to my writing. As you can tell from the above title, this year is going to bring about a few new things. While this blog was started to talk about writing on my novels,Continue reading “A New Year, A New Play, A Few New Novels”

Happy New Year!

For 2023 I wish the world peace. I wish the world kindness. I wish the world unconditional love. I give thanks for friends, family, colleagues, and people who give life substance and meaning. I give thanks to all who have read and supported my work, or reviewed or simply encouraged me to keep writing. IContinue reading “Happy New Year!”

Readers Fall For The Woodcarver’s Model

While fall doesn’t officially arrive for a few weeks, when the calendar flips over to September it somehow feels like summer has passed the baton to the next season. In this newsletter, I have a few updates on what’s happening with The Woodcarver’s Model, opportunities to get a signed copy of the book, and whatContinue reading “Readers Fall For The Woodcarver’s Model”

What Does An Author Do With The Time In Between Novels?

It’s been over three months since The Woodcarver’s Model was released. The initial reviews are in, the marketing connected to the release of the novel is all done and now the focus turns to advertising and setting up potential readings in the winter and spring. But what happens next? A book has its highest profileContinue reading “What Does An Author Do With The Time In Between Novels?”

The Woodcarver’s Model Reveals His Secret Past

Pride Publishing asked me to write a short story with a bit of spice … a prequel to The Woodcarver’s Model about the central character Rob Hanson. The response was The F-Road, inspired by my recent trip to Iceland. This story is exclusively available to subscribers to this newsletter. If you haven’t already read theContinue reading “The Woodcarver’s Model Reveals His Secret Past”

The World Of The Woodcarver’s Model

Many readers have commented on the authentic feeling of Marsh Island where The Woodcarver’s Model is set. And some people have asked if it is a real place. The answer to that question is both yes and no. The setting for the novel was definitely inspired by real places that I’ve visited on the westContinue reading “The World Of The Woodcarver’s Model”

The Woodcarver’s Model Talks Dollars And Sense

The novel is launched, positive early reviews are building and the next wave of publicity is about to hit. One might think that all that’s left is to sit back and watch sales numbers soar and put a down payment on something expensive with the royalty money that will be flooding in. So the questionContinue reading “The Woodcarver’s Model Talks Dollars And Sense”