The Woodcarver’s Model Goes On Vacation

The Woodcarver’s Model has been very busy. Last week the novel finished a blog tour gaining coverage in 28 different blogs.

So what’s next? Well after the launch and the blitzes and the blog tours and the reviews and the advertising campaigns, it’s time to take a rest. The Woodcarver’s Model is going to head to a place where there are fewer people, less social media and a lot of gorgeous scenery.

So you won’t be seeing much on this blog for a few weeks, BUT you can follow the daily posts of The Woodcarver’s Model on Instagram and Twitter as he experiences the wonders of Iceland. To follow, go to


Twitter: @virtualfenton

While you are following his travels, there are other things you can do to keep the sales of the book moving forward, even while he is on vacation.



The sale of a book is a long game that involves days where there are very few copies sold, and other days where there is increased interest, and there are many books sold. A key to keeping the book at top of mind for readers is to post a review. If you have read the book and enjoyed it, posting a review can ensure the book doesn’t fall to the bottom of the barrel.

To review on click here.

To review on click here.

To review on click here.

And if you have a Goodreads account, you can go to this link and leave a review by clicking here.


Did you know that in Canada, if you have a library card, you can request the library to explore buying a copy of the book so others can check it out free of charge? This means that readers who can’t afford to buy the book can borrow it for free, once the library purchases its copy. The Woodcarver’s Model meets the guidelines for library books in Canada. In order to request the book, you need an active library card and you would be the first one to sign it out, but after that, others can read the book as well.

Check your local library page. In Toronto, you can find the request link here.


If you liked the book, tell a friend. You can share information on social media, or simply mention the book over coffee or tea with a friend. And speaking of tea, the cost of an e-book in Canada or the U.S. is likely less than a bubble tea at your local shop. And if someone can’t afford the book, well, maybe it will be available at their local library.

So to demonstrate the value of word of mouth, I’d like to shout out to two items of interest that connect to the above post.

If you are in Calgary, perhaps check out Chatime West 85th at 8560 8A Ave SW #320. It is owned and operated by my nephew’s partner Sarah, and they have the best bubble tea anywhere. Check out the menu by clicking here

And for those looking for a great summer read, check out Kristian Parker’s latest release. This looks like it might be an interesting read and comes out June 7th. To find out more about the book, click here.

I hope the upcoming few weeks are filled with sunny days and the opportunity to do whatever brings you joy.

The Woodcarver’s Model is published through Pride Publishing

and is now available wherever books are sold.

To buy a copy click below

Choose Your Store or First For Romance

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