The Woodcarver’s Model Goes To Iceland

The process of getting a book from the idea stage to the printed page is a long journey. In the case of The Woodcarver’s Model this journey took around a year. Of course some of that time was spent sending and waiting for edits from the publisher. And as of December of last year, much of the “work” had been done except to promote the book … and start writing on the next one.

So after the launch, I took The Woodcarver’s Model on his first vacation to Iceland. While I didn’t do any readings or bookstore signings, I did find a way to share the journey of The Woodcarver’s Model on Instagram and Twitter. Below is a collection of some of the highlights of the journey. And at the bottom of this blog, some news on the next novel.

After an overnight flight, The Woodcarver’s Model woke up with this view of the harbour in Grindavik

On the first day, The Woodcarver’s Model travelled the Golden Circle stopping at the amazing Gullfoss waterfall

Haimeay Island was a fantastic stop on the second day … the first time The Woodcarver’s Model saw a puffin.

The Woodcarver’s Model found it chilly at the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon on day three

The Woodcarver’s Model was a bit uncertain about the way the roads clung to the cliff as he travelled along the Eastfjords

On the fifth day, The Woodcarver’s Model found himself up a tree at Ásbyrgi Canyon

After a long day of travelling on day 6, it was nice to relax at the Hotel North in Akureyri

Driving towards Holmavik it was nice to see the Icelandic people showing their Pride

The route to Isafjordur involved driving AROUND 5 fjords and crossing one fjord on a long bridge

The Woodcarver’s Model enjoyed the beauty of Hridsvadfoss Waterfall

The crossing to Stykkishólmur on the Ferry Baldur looked smooth, but the boat rocked up and down and side to side

After a chilly day on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, it felt good to get into a hot shower

The Woodcarver’s Model always plays it safe when getting in some back seat action

You just never know who you are going to meet in the hot tub at the Hotel Glymur

In Reykjavik even the pigs have a unique style

The Woodcarver’s Model would like to wish one and all a Happy Pride Month

And so that is a VERY brief look at The Woodcarver’s Model‘s first vacation. If you want to see full trip pictures of the author, you can click here.

I am excited to announce that I am almost finished a draft of my next novel. I can’t say MUCH about it right now, but it is a gay detective story set in Calgary, Alberta with a relationship at the centre that brims with sexual tension. If you enjoyed The Woodcarver’s Model, you’ll love meeting Declan and Charlie as they work together to solve a murder.

Until next time, thanks for following. If you have read The Woodcarver’s Model and enjoyed it, please take the time to review on Amazon or Goodreads. These new reviews create interest in the book.

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The Woodcarver’s Model is published through Pride Publishing

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