Guest Author Ellen Mint Featured With Her Novel Pride & Pancakes

In the last newsletter I wrote about how important it is to talk about other writers. I asked author Ellen Mint if she would like to promote anything special in an end of the month note to my readers, and she said, “Tell them about my book Pride & Pancakes.”

So here it is!

When Beth Cho is tasked with interviewing elusive musician Tristan Harty, it’s hate at first sight. Despite his sapphire eyes and lithe frame, he’s got to be the most infuriating man on the planet.

Tristan Harty is already sick of reporters and this one is proving no different. Sure, she might be adorable with her ebony hair and big brown eyes. But her incessant need to dig into his past is dragging on his last nerve.

The bickering duo vow never to meet again, but Mother Nature has other plans for them, trapping them in a Vermont cabin via a blizzard. The more Beth learns about the aristocratic Tristan, the harder it is for her to keep her professional distance, just as Tristan discovers a familiar heart beating in the beautiful reporter’s heart.

But what happens when the snowstorm’s over, and the melted Tristan and enamored Beth are free to leave? Can their reluctant attraction bloom into a deeper love with the thaw of their judgmental ice. Pride & Pancakes is a sweet yet steamy contemporary story inspired by Pride & Prejudice.


You can get this fun book at

And if you want to find out more about Ellen Mint, click here.


Peter E. Fenton Coming To Calgary

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be in Calgary during the last week of August. Plans for a reading and book signing have been “adjusted” due to the rapidly changing status of both COVID as well as potential travel disruptions.

If you live in Calgary and have already purchased a copy of The Woodcarver’s Model and want it signed, or you want to acquire a signed copy while I’m in Calgary contact me at and I will give you the details.

If the numbers are large enough, then I’ll try and arrange a place to meet and do an event. If numbers are smaller, I will arrange to drop a book to you, or meet up for a coffee and sign your book then.

As for Toronto readers, stay tuned, as there will be a reading and signing event in September.

In the meantime, as always, thanks for reading.

Warmest Regards,

Peter E. Fenton

Published by peterefenton

Peter Fenton is a playwright and author living in Toronto, Canada.

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