The Woodcarver’s Model Reveals His Secret Past

Pride Publishing asked me to write a short story with a bit of spice … a prequel to The Woodcarver’s Model about the central character Rob Hanson. The response was The F-Road, inspired by my recent trip to Iceland.

This story is exclusively available to subscribers to this newsletter. If you haven’t already read the book, this won’t spoil a thing, and if you have read the book, this adventure takes place a full ten years before Rob’s adventures in The Woodcarver’s Model.

To read the story, click here.

If you enjoyed The Woodcarver’s Model and want to share the book with a friend, there’s great news for those that read e-books. Until July 30th, the e-book version of the novel is on sale for 30% off through the publisher’s website at First For Romance. To take advantage of this deal, click here. And while you’re there, why not take a look around at all of the other great romance novels. There’s something for every taste.

If you’re in Toronto and looking for a paperback copy of the novel, Queen Books has a limited stock of signed copies available. I recommend phoning in advance to put a copy on hold at 416-778-5053 as stock will run out quickly. There are plans for a book signing in Toronto and a book signing in Calgary in the upcoming two months, but details are still being ironed out. Look for details in the next newsletter.

Unexpected kindness creates such a huge ripple of positive feelings.

Yesterday a friend had phoned and reserved a copy of the The Woodcarver’s Model at Queen Books, and when they went to pick it up, someone had already paid for it.

I am guessing that person bought a copy and then paid for an extra copy for the next purchaser … a sort of pay it forward gesture.

To whoever that was, it not only meant the world to our friend, but it meant the world to me.

Today we donated to a challenging cause for an individual … because kindness creates more kindness.

So thanks to those that put kindness out into the world. It makes a huge difference.

One of the ways authors show kindness to one another is to cross-promote books, and we are THRILLED to be promoting Ellen Mint in our upcoming newsletter. In the next few weeks, look for info on the romance novel Pride and Pancakes part of her Happily Ever Austen series. These romance stories riff on Jane Austen themes with fun results.

Can’t wait to find out more? You can find out more about the book here. This is also part of the 30% off sale at First For Romance until July 30th.

On a final note, thanks to all those who have left reviews for the book. If you haven’t had a chance, every review makes a big difference. A new review on Goodreads can reactivate interest in readers who put the book on their list of books to read in April, but have forgotten about it. And Amazon reviews have been shown to directly link to sales.

To review on click here.

To review on click here.

To review on click here.

And if you have a Goodreads account, you can go to this link and leave a review by clicking here.

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Thanks for reading!

Peter E. Fenton

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Peter Fenton is a playwright and author living in Toronto, Canada.

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