Voting Is Now Open

As indicated in the last newsletter, The Woodcarver’s Model was nominated in the Goodreads M/M Romance Member’s Choice Awards in four categories.

Voting is now open.

To vote for The Woodcarver’s Model, all you’ll have to do is click on each category, find the name of the book in the list and click on the title.

The book is nominated in the following categories.

Best Book Of The Year

Best Contemporary

Best Hurt/Comfort

Best Performance Visual Arts.

If you are a member of the M/M Romance Group you can vote by clicking here



Gin Vane’s book From Bad To Worse is also carried by my publisher and has been nominated in the Best Law Enforcement category of the Goodreads M/M Romance Awards. Check it out, and maybe give it a vote if you are on Goodreads.

Here’s the author’s description of the book.

Colt Harkan’s not much of laughing man, or he might more appreciate the biggest joke of his life. Fresh from his time undercover, his first day at Mason PD finds him partnered with Everett Kane—a man determined to stumble through life and still come up the golden boy.

He makes it all look so easy, talking to people with his sun-bright smile. Everett just…cares. It’s like the man can’t help it.

But even in Mason, Colt sees darkness at the fringes, and catching that State Rodeo case starts two unexpected obsessions: proving Patrick Combs was a murder, and screwing around with Ev in the backseat of their car. Seems to work out fine for them both, when Ev isn’t busy with his women or his wife.

One of these days, Everett’s gonna find the rock bottom he’s digging for, and Colt can’t help but push him along. Because the bosses won’t admit it, but Combs was murdered, and that bigshot Richard Edwards knows something for sure.

Ev would say it makes him a pessimist, but Colt just has that feeling, an ice-sharp truth learned in days spent dodging death. Gettin’ honest words from Edwards and Everett both? Might be what kills Colt yet.

To find out where to pick up the book, click here.


I’ll let you know in January if any of the nominations led to a win. Until then, may you have a wonderful holiday season.

Best Regards,

Peter E. Fenton


The Woodcarver’s Model is published through Pride Publishing.

To buy a copy click below

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