The Woodcarver’s Model Goes On Vacation

The Woodcarver’s Model has been very busy. Last week the novel finished a blog tour gaining coverage in 28 different blogs. So what’s next? Well after the launch and the blitzes and the blog tours and the reviews and the advertising campaigns, it’s time to take a rest. The Woodcarver’s Model is going to headContinue reading “The Woodcarver’s Model Goes On Vacation”

The World Of The Woodcarver’s Model

Many readers have commented on the authentic feeling of Marsh Island where The Woodcarver’s Model is set. And some people have asked if it is a real place. The answer to that question is both yes and no. The setting for the novel was definitely inspired by real places that I’ve visited on the westContinue reading “The World Of The Woodcarver’s Model”

The Woodcarver’s Model Talks Dollars And Sense

The novel is launched, positive early reviews are building and the next wave of publicity is about to hit. One might think that all that’s left is to sit back and watch sales numbers soar and put a down payment on something expensive with the royalty money that will be flooding in. So the questionContinue reading “The Woodcarver’s Model Talks Dollars And Sense”

The Woodcarver’s Model Meets His Readers

On April 19th, The Woodcarver’s Model made his way out to the many fans who ordered the book, and from all accounts he is making a positive first impression. In this post I want to share a little bit more about the marketing of a book, the importance of a strong start and the challengeContinue reading “The Woodcarver’s Model Meets His Readers”

The Woodcarver’s Model Comes Out…Today

Around this time 2 years ago I started writing my first male/male romance novel. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I had written plays and I felt I understood enough about storytelling and structure to put together a novel. After a year of chipping away, I submitted The Woodcarver’s Model to theContinue reading “The Woodcarver’s Model Comes Out…Today”

The Woodcarver’s Model Goes On Tour

The Woodcarver’s Model will be released one week from today and next week, the book will be going on tour. In the past, a book tour meant that I would pack a suitcase, gather several boxes of my book and travel far and wide attending readings and signing books at bookstores and libraries and anyContinue reading “The Woodcarver’s Model Goes On Tour”

The Woodcarver’s Model Sees Stars

In The Woodcarver’s Model the central character Rob Hanson finds unexpected moments of wonder in the world around him as seen in the quote below. “From encounters with a beautiful young photographer, to a sun-dappled country lane and now this meal, the day had been perfect. He took his wine out onto the porch. ItContinue reading “The Woodcarver’s Model Sees Stars”

Getting To Know The Woodcarver’s Model

It is now twenty-one days until The Woodcarver’s Model is released, and the preparations are underway for reviews, interviews and a host of other activities to connect the book to readers. One of the most important tools to get fans interested is an excerpt from the book. Blogs and other publications like to share aContinue reading “Getting To Know The Woodcarver’s Model”

The Woodcarver’s Model Goes To His First Party

In my posts, I’ve been focusing on the journey of a book from the writing process, through to the marketing leading up to the novel’s release. This week, I want to talk about one of the coolest ways that authors let other people know about their books. One author coordinates a party attended by otherContinue reading “The Woodcarver’s Model Goes To His First Party”

The Woodcarver’s Model Gets Some Coverage

Along with the work that Pride Publishing is doing to promote my new novel, I also have a second company called Gay Romance Reviews that is working on promotion. Today they sent me the press kit they had assembled along with a dizzying array of presentations of the book. There were images that suggested theContinue reading “The Woodcarver’s Model Gets Some Coverage”